Einvernehmlicher Sex mit Kindern

„Die Wissenschaft hat erwiesen, daß …“

Hexenwahn, Holocaust und Evolution

Schulische Gehirnwäsche durch Pädokriminelle und Satanisten

Sexualkundematerialien einer hessischen Grundschule


2 Antworten auf Schule

  1. No specific ideas, but I was struck by the difference when attending a service in a hall, and I’ve been trying to figure out what made the difference. With the smaller space, there was an intimacy to the layout. Your comment (I think it was on your more recent post) about the congregation being gathered more around the alter reminded me of it.

  2. Thanks, Donna. It’s lovely to find out that others share your reading history.The main character in the Mallory Towers books is Darrell Rivers – wouldn’t have remembered that but I looked it up – and Blyton’s second husband was Kenneth Darrell Waters! I don’t remember reading the St Clare’s books, but perhaps they’ve all merged into one.

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